Let’s mix a cup of science with a dash of art and add some sprinkles of fun to create delicious cupcakes and mini cakes! In this camp you will learn about the chemistry of baking ingredients, how they each have a unique role in your recipe, and how you can use your creativity to make your product unique. All of this while getting to taste your creations!!!

For high school students (age 13-18)

July 11th: 8:30am-12:00pm

Short lesson on science behind ingredients, baking safety and chemical leavening. We will bake cupcakes and have participants decorate cupcakes (piping techniques) with store purchased frosting. While cupcakes are baking, we will discuss about effect of gluten free flour and other ingredients on baked goods – with some demos.

July 12th: 8:30am-12:00pm
Short lesson on science behind the whipping/frosting preparation. We will then bake mini cakes and have participants decorate their cakes, once again with store purchased frosting.

Cost will be $45 per participant, for both days, and includes all supplies.