Raising Nebraska is an interactive experience like no other. From science and innovation, to community and culture, and even the global economy, Nebraska’s agricultural experience touches everyone. Through this incredible 25,000-foot interactive exhibit, you actually become part of it – in ways you never imagined and that you’ll never forget.

What's Inside the Exhibit


An interactive house showing how Nebraska farmers put food on your table.

Grain Bin Theater

The Grain Bin Theater showcases short films about agriculture in Nebraska.

Combine Ride

Sit in an actual combine cab and feel what it’s like to harvest corn.

News & Events

Science Saturday: “Homes For Beneficial Insects”

Science Saturday: “Homes For Beneficial Insects”

Participants will learn about beneficial insects that help us every day. They…
Science Saturday: “Drone Discovery”

Science Saturday: “Drone Discovery”

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Science Saturday: “The Incredible Edible Bean”

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2016 State Fair Recap

2016 State Fair Recap

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