At Raising Nebraska, we want to help teachers and students use our space and resources to their fullest. We work with Extension Educators and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to insure that we are providing the best materials aligned with Nebraska State Standards.

2019 Largest Classroom Day Curriculum

Nebraska Potatoes

State Standards – 4th Grade

  • SS 4.2.12
  • SS 4.3.2
  • SS 4.4.1
  • SS 4.4.4
  • LA 4.3.2
  • LA 4.3.3

State Standards – 5th Grade

  • SS 5.3.2
  • SS 5.4.1
  • SS 5.4.4
  • LA 5.3.2
  • LA 5.3.3

This lesson aims to bring awareness to the history and life-cycle of potatoes. This lesson also looks at the importance of potatoes to Nebraska Agriculture.

Digital Dining Table

State Standards

  • PE 5.3.4
  • PE 5.3.4.C

National Health Standards

  • 1.8.1
  • 5.5.5
  • 5.8.6

This lesson looks at building your body like a car, utilizing the Digital Dining Table at Raising Nebraska or the Portable Digital Dining Table, and other creative ways to help teach about a balanced diet.

Feeding Your Hunger

Grade Level: 4-6

State Standards

  • SC 5.13.4.C

National Health Standards

  • 1.5.1
  • 1.5.2
  • 8.8.3

Using empathy and hunger scales, students think critically about their hunger and hunger in their community.

Wasted Food

Grade Level: 4-6

State Standards

  • SC 5.8.2.C
  • SC 5.13.4.C
  • SC 4.13.4.D

Most children love baby carrots. This activity uses baby carrots as a jumping off point to talk about food waste in the United States. Other activities in the lesson include food labeling and food safety.

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Portable Digital Dining Table

Through the generosity of our partners, Raising Nebraska has been able to crate a portable version of our on-site dining table experience! The large touch screen features one of the digital place mats, creating the opportunity for educators to use the experience in their classroom. The Digital Dining Table is available to schools at no cost. To reserve your seat for the portable digital dining table, please contact

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As a proud part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, through Extension and 4-H, we are pleased to highlight some of the wonderful curriculum available through Nebraska 4-H, Nebraska Extension, and National 4-H.

WeCook: Fun with Food and Fitness

Ages: 8-11
This curriculum contains 12 lessons focusing on nutrition, food preparation, and physical activity. Each lesson is split into two 50-minute sessions related to a specific nutrition theme.

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