Raising Nebraska is a unique venue for your event that offers a spacious and affordable facility to fit your educational event needs!

Raising Nebraska offers an entertaining atmosphere for with more than a dozen interactive agricultural exhibits to explore.
We welcome you to Raising Nebraska and invite you to discover the experience!

For Questions, Or to Book Your Event, Contact Sarah Polak:
Phone: 308.385.3967  |  Email: spolak2@unl.edu

The Details:

The Basics

  • Maximum capacity: 350
  • 8’ Banquet tables and seating to accommodate up to 200 individuals is included in the rental fee.
  • Table Coverings are required for all events and are not provided by Raising Nebraska.
  • Rental costs for additional tables, chairs, and any related fees are responsibility of the event patron.
The kitchen presentation stage is perfect for medium-sized groups.

Rental Fee

  • Corporate & Private: $500
  • Non-profit: $250
  • Additional charges and fees may apply

Event Hours

  • Raising Nebraska may be rented during normal business hours. Please call for more information.
  • Events must conclude, be cleaned up, and vacated by 12:00am, unless prior approval is secured. Additional fees may apply for additional hours.

Decoration Policies

  • All decorations require prior approval
  • No candles, glitter, or confetti permitted
  • No items may be hung with glue, tape, or adhesives to exhibit displays
The south end of the building is ideal for smaller groups, and features a stage for presentations.


  • All licensed catering is approved.
  • Arrangements for catering are responsibility of event patron.
  • Raising Nebraska may request a copy of the approved caterer’s license prior to the event.
  • Caterer should confirm with Raising Nebraska, arrival and departure times, designated loading areas, work area requirements, etc. prior to the event.


  • Raising Nebraska will consider requests to serve alcohol on a case-by-case basis.
  • The liquor license will be the responsibility of the event sponsor and/or event caterer.

Things to Note

  • All areas of Raising Nebraska are smoke-free.
  • Inappropriate and Dangerous behavior is not permitted.
  • Any violations result in termination of event and damage charges will apply.

Reservations & Payment

  • Non-Refundable Deposit (25% of Rental Fee) required for date reservation.
  • Complete Rental Fee must be received five business days prior to event.
  • Additional fees and charges must be paid in full five business days following event date.
Larger groups can utilize the center area of the exhibit space, offering room for up to 350 guests.
Larger groups can utilize the center area of the exhibit space, offering room for up to 350 guests.