Resources by Our Partners

Raising Nebraska is proud to work with other educational organizations around Nebraska, the region, and the nation. Below are links to lessons created by our partners which directly relate to the exhibits and themes featured at Raising Nebraska. We are continually adding resources to our page and encourage you to visit our page, and those of our partners, for the newest resources.

Nebraska 4-H

Nebraska 4-H Classroom Connection

With a wide variety of program offerings for both in-school or out-of-school delivery, Nebraska 4-H Youth Development experiences are designed for groups of youth in school classrooms, home school co-ops, afterschool programs, and families looking for supplemental learning experiences. The searchable catalog will find an experience that is most relevant to the needs of your learners and their environment. 


AgCiting Science Adventure

The AgCiting Science is a free web-based app is available for use in school enrichment programs, afterschool programs, and beyond. Through the AgCiting Adventure, students use basic agriculture production practices to complete the growth and harvest of the components of their breakfast. While gaining agricultural literacy knowledge participants utilize math, motor, and problem-solving skills to follow a recipe.


Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Growable Interactive Resources

The overall goal of Growable is to promote science literacy as a capacity to make effective decisions. The STEM-based games use Nebraska relevant challenges to help players work through decision making in a fun and engaging way.


Interactive Map Project

The Nebraska Beef Council, the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Soybean Board, and the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation joined together to create an interactive map to help people understand the role of agriculture in context of history, geography, economics and society. In addition to the many maps found on this site, activity guides and teachers guides help teach a variety of subjects using agriculture.


Midwest Dairy

Can’t take your class to a Dairy Farm? Midwest Dairy, which represents over 4,600 dairy farmers across the Midwest and Great Plains, can bring the dairy to you! Videos, on-line curriculum, and even bringing a farmer to your classroom are all part of the diverse resources available through their website. Midwest Dairy has also partnered with Play 60 and Discovery Education to help insure easy integration of their materials to your existing curriculum and resources.


Nebraska Ag Sack Lunch Program

The Ag Sack Lunch Program provides 4th graders who visit the Nebraska State Capitol the opportunity to learn about different aspects of agriculture, from crops and livestock to the food industry.  The program includes a sack lunch featuring nutritious food produced in Nebraska, a 15-minute presentation by Ag Ambassadors (trained UNL students) on the vital role agriculture plays in the state’s economy, and a fact-filled card game designed for students to take home and play with their families. Pre-registration is required.

Nebraska Corn Board

The Nebraska Corn Board, through their publication CornsTalk provides easy to understand information about the Nebraska Corn industry and dispels myths about Corn production.



Eat a Rainbow Garden: Fresh Foods for Nebraska Families

Project-Based Learning Unit looking at how we grow a variety of edible plants that provide for a nutritious and balanced diet for a family. This science curriculum also integrates mathematics, ELA, social studies, health, fine arts, and Nebraska Career Readiness Standards.


Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is the state contact for the National Agriculture in the Classroom program. Ag in the Classroom has a variety of resources from educators across the nation. From lesson plans to screen savers, Ag in the Classroom is a go-to site for any educator interested in agriculture education.


Nebraska Public Media (formerly NET)

Documentaries and Videos

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications has been providing programming to Nebraska and the world for over 60 years. In addition to Backyard Farmer, NET has a number of documentaries and video resources on a variety of agricultural topics including the barriers Hispanic farmers face in starting and expanding farming operations in the United States; the beef industry; water resources; youth obesity; and so much more.

Nebraska Studies puts the history of the state at your fingertips, from its very beginning to the 21st century. The site is a partnership between NET, PBS, History Nebraska, and the Nebraska Department of Education. features lesson plans and wonderful supplemental resources for your classroom. The site is searchable by topic and subject area.


Nebraska Soybean Board

The Nebraska Soybean Board provides infographics, lessons, and classroom resources for educators around the state. The Soybean Board also provides soy educators to travel the state and present an hour long “Soybeans: A-Z” program to 4th grade classrooms.  For more information about the materials available from the Soybean Board, please visit:


Platte River Basin TimeLapse

Visitors to Raising Nebraska often engage with the walkable map. The screens next to the map show Platte River Timelapse videos from five areas in Nebraska. The Platte River Basin Timelapse team creates innovative multimedia content to tell the myriad stories of the Platte. Their STEM-based educational curriculum for middle and high school science students can be accessed from their website, as well as additional timelapse videos which can be shared in classrooms.



Census at School: Food Preference Survey

Students will participate in the Census at School program, complete the on-line questionnaire and compare the results with their class, school, U.S. students and beyond to learn about statistics, nutrition, and cultural differences; apply graphing, mathematics, and analysis skills to real world
examples; and justify their analysis of data.


U. S. Poultry and Egg Association

The U. S. Poultry and Egg Association created a website full of videos and resources for those who want to educate about poultry. Embryology and food safety curriculum feature prominently on this site.

Streaming Science

Streaming Science is a college student-driven project-based learning science literacy program. The mission of Streaming Science is to introduce public audiences, especially middle and high school students and teachers, to real-world scientists and critical agricultural and environmental research through multiple interactive communication platforms.

Streaming Science was founded at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and continues under the direction of the Agricultural Communications program at the University of Florida.