The pivot in the “Control the Flow” exhibit spans nearly the entire length of the building.
The pivot in the “Control the Flow” exhibit spans nearly the entire length of the building.

There’s a lot more to producing food than fields and farm animals. Raising Nebraska is designed to let people see agriculture from virtually every angle – from water conservation to soil health, from animal well-being to food safety, from invention to innovation, from economic impact to global hunger.

Creating the Raising Nebraska exhibit was also a collaborative effort, bringing together the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the Nebraska State Fair.

The result is the nation’s leading agriculture literacy experience. This interactive experience spans 25,000 square feet indoors and 30,000 square feet outdoors – focusing on where Nebraska agriculture is today – and how the state is positioned for global leadership in feeding the world.


To have a direct and profound impact on the way in which people think about their relationship with food, agriculture and natural resources—and the decisions and choices they make in that regard.


Raising Nebraska is a critical component in IANR’s integrated statewide strategy focused on ag and science literacy, responsible food production and food access, nutrition, natural resources, and rural vitality. Raising Nebraska commands a unique position as a nexus for important conversations, science-based education and unique experiences related to these issues. As a result of their engagement with Raising Nebraska, people gain new perspectives, greater understanding and reliable information they can use to make informed choices and sound decisions affecting their families, their businesses, their future and that of the world around them.


COLLABORATIVE We are committed to working with partners and like-minded organizations/individuals in order to help them achieve their objectives through innovative programming, high quality content and a positive experience.

RELEVANT The programs, information and topics presented at Raising Nebraska are timely, important and matter to the lives and livelihoods of the people who engage with us.

OPEN-MINDED We welcome new ideas, innovative solutions and robust discussions of issues, challenges and opportunities in our efforts to expand knowledge and understanding. Our intent is not to tell people what to think, but instead to provide insight and information they can use to come to their own conclusions.

SCIENCE-BASED In keeping with the mission of the University of Nebraska, IANR and Nebraska Extension, the programs and information at Raising Nebraska are founded in research, science and best practices—thus helping people have even greater confidence in the choices and decisions they make.

ADAPTABLE By leveraging the assets and resources available at Raising Nebraska, we will provide the flexibility and support necessary to provide effective education and memorable experiences that have a direct and long-lasting impact on those who engage with us.