February 27, 2021 – 1:30 pm

The past year has opened up many conversations about meat production, local processing and opportunities to harvest at home. This in-person workshop will answer your questions about meat processing and explain the path that is taken to get meat from the farm to your table. The workshop will include a pork cutting demonstration by UNL Youth Meats Extension Educator, Brianna Buseman. After this workshop, you will have more knowledge on how to make meat purchases and process large cuts at home. No experience in the meat industry is required to participate, though space is limited to the first 35 registrants.  

The workshop includes:

  • Information about meat processing in the plant and at home
  • Discussions on food safety and quality
  • Pork Cutting Demonstration

Register by: February 26, 2021

Cost $10.00

Click here to register: https://cvent.me/bO8XyA

To learn more about the Meat Science program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, please visit: https://animalscience.unl.edu/meat-science

This workshop series is a “Beyond the Walls” initiative of Raising Nebraska. Raising Nebraska is a joint effort of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resource and Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, and the Nebraska State Fair. The 25,000 square foot exhibit is designed to help visitors better understand and appreciate the advancements, impacts, and global leadership of Nebraska agriculture. The exhibit is available year-round and staffed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Nebraska 4-H Foundation, and volunteers. https://raisingnebraska.net/