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March 13, 2021 – 1:30 pm

We all lead busy lives – long workdays, the stress of the weather, markets, and limited healthy, one-handed/transportation-friendly dining options, it’s easy to put health on the back burner. The “Food in the Field” program was designed to address the unique challenges of the ag community, including both farmers and their families, have during the busy planting and harvest seasons. The tips, tricks, and recipes shared by Hannah Guenther, Nebraska Extension Asst. Educator and Program Co-Founder, will leave you better prepared to deliver healthy food to the field or carpool.

This Workshop includes:

  • The basics of a healthy eating pattern and learn about small shifts to adapt meals you know and love 
  • Tips for improving food environments, reading a food label, and how to better plan ahead for busy seasons
  • How to prepare nutritious recipes that are field friendly and farmer approved using healthy food techniques, portion control, and helpful tips to make food portable
  • Cooking demonstration and tasting of a “Food in the Field” recipe

Register by: March 11, 2021

Cost $15.00

Click here to register: https://cvent.me/avKPrE

To learn more about the Food in the Field program, please visit food.unl.edu/foodinthefield

This workshop series is a “Beyond the Walls” initiative of Raising Nebraska. Raising Nebraska is a joint effort of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resource and Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, and the Nebraska State Fair. The 25,000 square foot exhibit is designed to help visitors better understand and appreciate the advancements, impacts, and global leadership of Nebraska agriculture. The exhibit is available year-round and staffed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Nebraska 4-H Foundation, and volunteers. https://raisingnebraska.net/